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NIPOST Nigeria ZIP codes for Abuja, Enugu, Edo, Kwara, Ebonyi, Delta, Anambra, Bauchi & Kogi State

Nigeria Zip Code a.k.a Nigerian postal code is often mistaken for Nigeria dialing code (+234). The truth is that Nigerian Dialing Code is the one that starts with is NOT and should not be used as the Nigeria Zip Code because they are far different from each other.

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Nigerian Zip Codes means Nigerian Zone Improvement Plan (ZIP) Codes . The Zip Code is only applied to the United States of America (USA). In other countries of the world (including Nigeria) the postal codes are used as zip code.

The ZIP codes are used for mailing purposes and it is referred to as postal code here in Nigeria.
Am glad to let you know that we’ve compiled the ZIP Code/Postal Code of major states including your own state. Please kindly let us know if yours is not among the states listed in this comprehensive list of Nigerian Zip Codes in the comment section and we will ensure to update this list just for YOU!
Note: Please do not use the Nigerian dialing code (+234) as the postal code/ZIP code.

Nigeria Zip Code  / Postal Code for All States And Capitals

Nigeria Zip Code / Postal Code is made up of of 6 numeric digits. The Nigerian postal service ( NIPOST ) divides the country into nine (9) regions which makes up the first digit of the postcode. The second and the third digit of the Nigeria postal codes or zip codes are combine with the first code. The combination serves as the dispatch district for outgoing sorting. The last three digits of postal codes at-re meant for deliveries.

 Nigeria States Zip / Postal Code for Some Key States

Lagos zip code / postal code 100000

Abuja = 900001

Enugu = 400001

Ebonyi = 480001

Delta = 320001

Anambra = 420001

Edo = 110001

Bauchi = 740001

Kogi = 260001

Kwara = 240001

How to Get Nigeria Zip Code / Postal Code

You can get the code by following the steps below…
    •    First click here or visit the official website of here
    •    After that select the state that you want it postal or zip code and click on get code as shown in the image below.

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